• Roots & Rhythm with James Speiser

    James Speiser

    James Speiser


    Once walking on the streets of Denver’s downtown at night we heard an interesting music coming from about a block away. When we approached we found a guy playing on the street with a guitar. We where hooked with the sound and professional performance. That’s how we met James Speiser, a leader of the band called Roots & Rhythm. We became close after that meeting and kept in touch. Very quickly James Speiser gained a recognition in denver’s blues scene and his band Roots & Rhythm start appearing frequently in Denver’s clubs and performance venues. Finally

    after an year of performances he called us to setup a sound for him and perhaps to make some live recordings. We accepted the offer and recorded one  of Roots & Rhythm first performances. We brought the multitrack recorded material to our studio (www.ergRecords.com) and strt messing with it.

    Few hours later we had a pretty good sound i believe we were all happy with the outcome. It took later more then a week to get the videos, since another company was in charge for that part. Even though material was captured with a single DSLR camera and not all shots where continuous, we still managed to get a great video with a great sound in it.

     After about an year from that recording he called us again to produce another live performance. This time we took care of the lighting, sound reinforcement, cameras and post-production. Came out pretty good, so we uploaded few songs to YouTube for you to enjoy and make sure check his webpage at http://www.reverbnation.com/rootsrhythm and perhaps visit one of  Roots & Rhythm’s life performances (it worth the time).





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