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ergProdcutions assures that the talent will be represented at it's best with professional approach and superior quality.

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Live Sound

In today’s musical industry it very important to represent the artist or band with a high quality sound on stage and front of the house.

Live Concert Videos

ERG Productions has lots of experience making videos from live concerts with high quality audio and video. All our videos optimized and internet ready (youtube, vimeo etc).

Promotional Videos

ERG Productions can produce a high quality introductory video that will separate the artist from the rest of the crowd.


We can help to set up a proper lighting so all members of the band will be properly presented. Our lighting setup is also helps to capture better quality videos.

New Projects

  • Micke Smith Quintet

    Erg Productions (or ERG RECORDS) proudly participated in the production of Blue Roots Denver, a Documentary series about Denver blues and jazz scene.
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  • Wedding Slide Show

    Sample slide show for wedding, birthdays and just any parties or events.
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  • RobTz on Drums

    Mondays usually considered heavy day after weekends and not always leads to creativity.  So, it is a good day to have some fun. That’s exactly what we did with Robert Thomas (RobTz). He came to the studio ( little late
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  • Green Day Backing Track – Kill The DJ

    Sometimes we are just having fun.  Short after the release of the song “Kill the Dj” by Green day we decided (hell knows why) to produce a quick backing track.  
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  • Dred Scott – From The Street To The Stage

    Dred Scott is a musician that plays on the streets of Denver. We decided to take this great talent to our recording studio and hit the record button.
    Dred wrote all his music living on the streets for more then two decades, so […]

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  • May Day Denver

    A crowd is approaching to the stage.
    May day in Denver, you read it wright, but don’t worry it was mostly peaceful with few arrests.  May first is widely celebrated around the world but not in United States. Officially, it is workers day, something like a labor […]

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  • Colfax & 15 – Made in Denver

    5 & colfax, Alicia – ARIANA SANCHEZ and Isaac – JOSEPH TRUJILLO
    If you are a huge fan of recent “Hollywood” movies, please do me a favor and stop reading this article. For the rest of you who still appreciates great […]

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  • Denver Cable Center

    Lobby at Cable Center
    Yep, we where called to Cable Center to provide sound reinforcement for an event over 300 people. We had never been there before, but heard about the place, and what we heard was that Cables Center’s Lobby can be […]

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  • The Delta Sonics

    This band is quite popular and known in Denver and nearby cities and even States. The Delta Sonics Blues (or just The Delta Sonics). We where called to provide sound reinforcement, but decided to mount a camera at the end of the audience to […]

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  • Roots & Rhythm with James Speiser

    James Speiser
    Once walking on the streets of Denver’s downtown at night we heard an interesting music coming from about a block away. When we approached we found a guy playing on the street with a guitar. We where hooked with the […]

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Create and Manage multiple contact forms using single dashboard. You can show Form on any single/every page of your website. You can also collect payments, leads and much more...

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